Exposition et buffet crées à Nara, Japon, lors d'une résidence artistique et culinaire, sur le thème de la route des épices.

The Spice route was the name given to the network of routes that linked the east with the west, starting in Spain and going all the way to East Asia, untill Nara in Japan.

This route created links between humans buying and selling goods from city to city.


But more important than trading was the exchange of knowledge: knowledge of new people and their religions, languages, expertise, artistic and scientific skills. Today, it may seem strange that the demand for spices was the main reason for such large-scale trade across such long distances.

One probably thinks of them simply as flavorings for food.

 Yet, the word « spice » comes from the latin « species » witch means an item of special value but also means the species, the different kinds of humans.

« Following the lines » is a project that aims to connect people using a unique tool: the food.

Photos / Luz Moreno et Pauline Lemberger

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